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the many faces of Rafa Nadal **✿❀(。◕ˇ∀ˇ◕人)❀✿*

Man can never hide his emotions~ ;)

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Let’s go talk about life and enjoy gelato~ ;)

Let’s go talk about life and enjoy gelato~ ;)

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Aw, Ernie just says his opinions and everyone hates.

He made a good point that is difficult to raise a family and be a pro tennis player for women; understandably, not every woman needs to have children! And he was talking about his sisters, but the media wants to make something out of nothing.

And Sharapova always provides a childish response by saying she laughs whenever Gulbis makes any comments. Ostrich, please. ;)

Anyway, I hope he continues to say his mind and not become “boring” like the others and stick to the PC responses.

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Where da fuq did his other arm go?

Where da fuq did his other arm go?

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That was not what I was expecting

that escalated quickly



At first I thought this was going to have some sort of positive message but nope…

I l

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Langston Hughes - “Suicide’s Note”

Langston Hughes - “Suicide’s Note”

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just want to look at this man. ;)

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Rafa Nadal confuses english with spanish in Chile

  • [Rafa speaking english]
  • Naldandian: ” Speak in spanish, asshole” 
  • Rafa: I’m sorry, shit, I’ll speak in spanish
  • [journalist laughing with Rafa, Nole doesn’t understand what the hell is going on]

I’m like Djokovic here at work when everyone’s laughing in their own language… ;)

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let’s just get married pls

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Underappreciated beauty. ;)

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